Apply for Sustainable Community Tourism in the Maya communities of Chichen Itza & Piste / Sustainable Community Tourism is an Indiana University IU Service Learning Program in Yucatan. Indiana University Bloomington taught by Quetzil Castaneda / Heritage Service Learning Field Study Abroad / Summer Study Abroad / Heritage Development Studies, Tourism Studies. Field School. Field Study Abroad. Mexico. community action research, participatory research, participatory anthropology, New Seven Wonders of the World. Mexico, Chichen Itza. Yokdzonot Cenote, Maya Wellness Center. Yokdzonot Eco-Adventure, Responsible Tourism, Ethical Travel, Alternative Tourism in Yucatan

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Service Learning Course Design & Outcomes

              Community Tourism &Marketing: IU Service Learning in Yucatán

6 week course Summer Session, 6 credits

LTAM L-426 / L-526, Offered Through IUB Office of Overseas Study,Indiana University Bloomington

Combined Undergraduate & Graduate course


HOW TO APPLY: Application & Authorization

Students must submit an application through the IU Overseas Study Office. The exact location to get to the application page is a bit complicated. Please follow these instructions to get there easy and fast.

1. FIRST STEP: Find the IU Online Application Form — Click here and follow instructions below
This page is located on the IU Overseas Study Office home page. Click on their top nav bar for PROGRAM, on the drop down click on IU PROGRAM. From this page, look on the RIGHT NAV bar for 'big list' click on this.

Step 1: Find the Online Application on IU Overseas "Big List"

2. Second Step: Search for the Program on the BIG LIST on

Once you find the page for the "Big List", then you MUST do a search for the program.

  • ⇒ Enter "Bloomington" as your IU Campus
  • ⇒ Enter "Anthropology" as your discipline / field of study
  • ⇒ Find "Mexico" as country location
  • ⇒ Click check box for "Service Learning"


Next Follow Steps 3,4, and 5 to View the Online App Form

3. Third Step: Click on the Pyramid or Click on the text "Yucatan Service Learning".

4. Then the Apply link appears and you CLICK on it!

5. Then click on it AGAIN! to get to the actual application you must also enter your IU ID & Password


The DIRECT LINK to the "application" page may not always function properly: click HERE



To be eligible to enroll you must be formally accepted before being authorized to enroll. Students must be in good academic standing and adhere to IU’s official study abroad policies in addition to the specific course policies for good conduct and behavior.  These are discussed in class and presented for each student to sign a release forms for participation.   IU Overseas Application Form.

Financial Aid & Scholarships:


Course Satisfies IUB Degree Requirements:

  • Gen & Ed requirement for international coursework.
  • International Studies Major requirement for international experience.  Student must request approval from the International Studies Undergraduate Advisor.


Program Content Program Logistics

⇒ Service Learning Projects  

⇒ Program Cost  

⇒ Program Locations 

⇒ Eligibility & Requirements 

⇒ Program Lodging and Meals 

⇒ Application Process 

⇒ Field Trips and Tourism Attractions 

⇒ Student Travel Info 

⇒ Community Partners 

⇒ Program Calendar & Schedule 

⇒ Course Syllabus   

⇒ Teaching & Research Facility  

⇒ Program Director & Staff / Faculty  

⇒ Travel Safety & Security in Yucatán  


This Service Learning experience will make THE difference in your life

Visitors to Service Learning in Yucatan Program, starting November 2, 2014

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